3. Create a Basic Email

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Email is your primary method of communication with your contacts. Act-On has many email design features to ensure successful delivery and the best engagement.

Here we will start gently, with a basic email design to get you confident with the Act-On email composer.

Step A: Start a New Email Message

  1. When signed in to Act-On, go to OutboundNew Message:


  2. A new browser tab opens with six options. Click Blank Message:


    The Act-On Message Composer opens.

Step B: Address Your Email


Step C: Design Your Email


Step D: Review and Test Your Email


Step E: Send Your Email


What Good Looks Like

An example email, successfully delivered:


Congratulations, you sent your first email with Act-On!

 Rather watch a video? Have a look at Compose & Send Emails in the New User Video Learning for information about creating emails (Act-On sign-in is required for access).

There's More to Email Design

This exercise is a basic email to get you started; there is much more to designing email for the best engagement. See Email Design for the Best Engagement.

Next, we'll create a Landing Page to engage visitors who click through from an email.


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