6. Automated Programming

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Automated Programs let you eliminate manual processes so you can deliver your email marketing campaigns with low effort.

Here we'll create a basic automation to get you confident with the Automated Journey Builder.

Step A: Create a New Program

  1. When signed in to Act-On, go to AutomationAutomated Programs:


  2. At the top right, click + New Program.
    The Automated Journey Builder opens to build your new program.

Step B: Settings For Your Program


Step C: Build Your Program


Step D: Start Your Program


Step E: See Your Program's Performance


For details about these reports, see View Automated Program Reports.


What Good Looks Like

  • A program flow, as shown at the end of step C above.
  • Your program runs without errors.
  • Reports on your Program performance, Steps, and Email Performance have meaningful data.
 Rather watch a video? Have a look at Automated Program Strategy in the New User Video Learning (Act-On sign-in is required for access).

There's More to Program Building

This exercise is a basic program to get you started; there is much more to building a program to deliver your email marketing campaigns with low effort. See Advanced Automated Programming.

You've finished the new user training - well done!

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