2. Add Your Contacts

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Contacts are the email details (& more) of your target market; those you plan to nurture using the power of Act-On. 

Carry out the following steps to upload & organize your contacts. Then we'll create a segment of contacts to use in this training and a test list segment to use when testing your email.

Important: Consult with your Act-On administrator to check whether your contacts have already been added and their fields and data are correctly synced. To check, see What Good Looks Like (so far) below. If you already have your contacts, skip to Step D: Create a Contacts Segment further down.


Step A: Are you using Act-On with a CRM?

Step B: Sync your CRM contacts - Act-On Contacts or Marketing Lists?

Once your CRM is set up for use with Act-On, find out if your organization uses Act-On Contacts or Marketing Lists with Act-On.

Step C: Upload your contacts (non-CRM)

If you are not integrating Act-On with a CRM, import your contacts from a CSV file.

  • If you use Act-On Marketing Lists, the previous way to manage your contacts in Act-On, follow the instructions in List Management Overview.

What Good Looks Like (so far)

Check that you are able to see your contacts available in either Contacts > All Contacts or Contacts > Marketing Lists. For example:



Step D: Create a Contacts Segment

Now we'll create a segment of contacts to use in this training. Make sure that the contacts won't mind receiving training emails.

The following explains creating segments with Act-On Contacts. If you are using Marketing Lists, see Creating a Segment.


Step E: Create a Test List Segment

Finally, we'll create a test list segment containing a single contact to use when testing emails. Make sure you have access to the email for this contact so you can check the test email yourself.


What Good Looks Like

Your contacts available, with a segment of contacts (who won't mind receiving training emails) to use in this training:


A test list segment with a single contact (whose email you have access to) to use when testing email:



 Rather watch a video? Have a look at Manage Lists & Segments in the New User Video Learning for information about best practices in list setup (Act-On sign-in is required for access).

There's More to Contacts

Now you have your contacts in Act-On, there's more you can do with them to drive your marketing campaigns. See Advanced Contacts Features.


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