Personalize From Addresses with Act-On Contacts

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Act-On's Personalize From feature allows you to automatically use your sales owner's contact information in your outbound messages. This is a great way to send emails from a real, relevant person to each of your customers. 

This article addresses how to use Personalize From when your source list is from Act-On Contacts. If you are using Marketing Lists, please reference this article.


  • Email From setup completed for your account (this is usually done during onboarding)
  • Personalized From feature enabled. To verify this, check the Sender field of your outbound message for Personalize From. If this option is not available, contact Support.
  • Connected CRM with sales owner data in the related CRM entities  
  • If you don't have a connected CRM, sales owner data must be added to your All Contacts list and identified in Contact Settings (see below)

Sending Personalize From emails without Email From setup properly can negatively affect deliverability for your entire account.

Personalized From CRM Setup

Personalized From uses the following CRM data:

CRM Table Fields
SalesForce Owner First Name, Last Name, Email
NetSuite Employees First Name, Last Name, Email
Sugar Users First Name, Last Name, Email
Dynamics Owners First Name, Last Name, Primary Email
ZenDesk Owner Name, Email

Each contact should have an owner assigned in the CRM.

Non-CRM Personalized From Set Up

Your contacts must have a sales owner name and email identified on your All Contacts list. 

  1. Go to Settings > Other Settings > Contact Settings and scroll down to Contact Owner Setting:

  1. Select the correct field from your All Contacts list for the contact owner, email, and name.  If you do not have this field in your All Contacts list, you can go to Settings > Data Management to add it.  You may then need to import contact data to populate this field.

Use Personalize From for your Outbound Emails

Remember: Email From setup needs to be completed for each domain before you send.

In the Sender field of your outbound message, select Personalize From. Your sales owner's information will now be used.

  • The SalesForce Owner option does not apply when selecting source lists from Act-On Contacts.  Use Personalize From for SalesForce segments.
  • Personalize From will work for contacts who are integrated with the CRM and have a sales owner assigned. Any contacts that don't have a related sales owner will not get the email.
  • If you don't have a CRM integrated, Personalize From will work for contacts who have data in the identified sales owner name and email columns.  Any contacts without this data will not get the email.
  • Contacts that failed to send are listed in the Sent Email report. Click Not Sent / Suppressed to view these details.

You may also want to set a different Reply-to address to manage replies to this message. See this article for more information.

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