Zoom Webinar Attendance Reports

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The Attendance report, also called the Webinar Final Report, contains your attendance data. Here, you can visualize your webinar registrants and whether they attended.




Available Actions

Import Attendance Data from Zoom

This will synchronize attendance from your Zoom webinar so your report data is up to date.

Interactive Chart

Click on a segment of registrants to show/hide them from the donut chart.

Download Chart Data

From the chart menu, there are several options available for you to save the report.



Print Chart (including changes using the interactive report feature)

Opens system dialog to print Attendance Data including the Chart and the Event Registration table. This prints as a web page.

Download JPEG image

Generates a high-resolution 1200x380 (or higher) image containing the donut chart and labels for each Category.

Download PDF

A PDF version of the attendance chart similar to the JPEG image.

Download CSV

This CSV contains two columns of data, including a row for each Category and the count of participants.

Download Participant Data

This downloads a .xls file that contains the event registrants. This report is identical to the Webinar Registration List.


The attendance reflected in this report can fit any of the following Categories:

Signed Up / Approved / Attended

Contacts who were registered, approved, and attended.

Signed Up / Approved / No Show

Contacts who were registered, approved, and did not attend.

Did Not Sign Up / Attended

Contacts who attended the meeting but were not pre-registered.

This will appear if your webinar did not have registration required and contacts you invited joined the webinar.

Signed Up / Pending Approval / No Show

Contacts who were registered, pending approval, and did not attend. 

Signed Up / Rejected / No Show

Contacts who were registered, rejected, and did not attend.

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