AI Predictive Lead Score Overview and FAQs

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AI predictive lead score is an AI-generated percentage score for contacts that predicts the likelihood of a contact converting to a customer and can be used to improve marketing outcomes and create targeted campaigns. The score is generated by trained machine-learning models that compare predictions to past results. AI predictive lead score can be used as an alternative to lead scoring, replacing a subjective and time-consuming manual process with a data-based, AI-driven alternative.

AI predictive lead score is available to CRM-connected Act-On accounts that meet the minimum criteria of CRM deals and tracked behaviors. To enable AI predictive lead score, contact Act-On support.

Unfortunately, this feature is not currently supported for European customers. 

Ways to Use AI Predictive Lead Score


What data is used for AI predictive lead score?

Act-On’s proprietary machine learning models use tracked contact behaviors and CRM outcomes to predict future outcomes based on past results. Data used in model training and scoring includes but is not limited to website and landing page views, webinar registrations and attendance, media link clicks and media file downloads, Form views and submissions, email opens and clicks, and CRM opportunity/deal status.

How can I use AI predictive lead scores?

AI predictive lead scores can be used as an alternative or alongside manual lead scoring. Just like manual lead scores, AI predictive lead scores are visible in the Contact Report and available as segmentation criteria. Scores provide an additional data point when determining sales readiness and can be used to drive targeted email campaigns and automations. For example, marketers can send nurture emails to contacts in a certain score range, contacts can flow through different tracks of an automated program based on their score, and contacts meeting a high enough predictive score can be marked as marketing qualified and passed on to sales. In segmentation, AI predictive lead scores can also be combined with other behavior or profile-based criteria for further targeting.

How often are AI predictive lead scores updated?

AI predictive lead scores are calculated and updated once a day based on the most recent contact activities.

How do I know if my account qualifies for AI predictive lead scores?

The basic requirements for AI predictive lead score are that the account is connected to a CRM and has enough tracked contact behaviors and CRM outcomes for our models to make predictions. If you are interested in finding out whether an account is eligible, please contact our support team.

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