Update Zoho CRM With Contacts' Profile Data When the Contact is Updated or Enriched in Act-On

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Provide sales teams with the most accurate and up-to-date information about leads and prospects. This ensures that sales efforts are targeted and relevant, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. Secondly, having a comprehensive view of a lead's recent interactions and updated details enables sales representatives to tailor their approach, making conversations more meaningful and personalized.



This is where you can build the flow that will 1. consume the webhook trigger from Act-On and 2. Trigger the update in the CRM based on the webhook data.

  1. Navigate to ZohoFlow
  2. Choose Create Flow
  3. Click on Webhooks as the trigger type
  4. Add a description and Create
  5. Leave payload format defaulted to JSON
  6. Copy the URL and store it somewhere secure. This is required to set up the webhook in Act-On.
  7. Click on Next and then jump to the next section.


Create Webhook 

  1. Login to Act-On and navigate to Settings > Connectors.
  2. Click Outgoing Webhooks.
  3. Click on the Add Endpoint button and add relevant information. 
    • Go to the Custom URL tab
    • Endpoint URL - URL FROM ZOHO (step 6)
    • Description: Optional but recommended you add a description that is relevant to the use case i.e. 
    • Event: contact.updated
  1. Save.
  2. Leave the Act-On application open and jump to testing.

Test Webhook with ZohoFlow

  1. Return to ZohoFlow and pickup from the flow step where testing can be enabled
  2. Click on Test
  3. In Act-On select on Testing tab from the webhook created previously
  4. Click on Send Example
  5. If the test is successful you will get a confirmation from both Act-On and ZohoFlow

Complete ZohoFlow

  1. Return to the flow and find ZohoCRM from the APPS menu on the left navigation bar
  2. Fetch
  3. Map Email from the Webhook payload to the CRM “Email” field and click Done.
  4. Add a Decision step
  5. Name decision and configure as shown below
  6. Add a new action required to update the contact from Act-On’s webhook
  7. Click to expand and drag “Create or update contact” to follow. Edit Create or update contact step.
  8. Expand Fetch contact from the Variable options. Map email to the Email field.

  1. Map each variable from the webhook payload to the appropriate fields and click on Done
    • Note: The webhook payload will only include the variables/attributes sent with the test example. Add more mappings based on the variable names found in Act-On’s data management.

  1. Test the flow by sending a test payload from Act-On. To do this step, temporarily replace the URL in Act-On. You can skip this step if desired.

  2. ZohoFlow will display the payload received from Act-On’s webhook. Click on Test.
  3. Review the Output of the Create or update contact step and confirm the variables are populated correctly.
  4. Enable flow

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