Configuring Global Styles (new Email Composer) Beta

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The Global styles tab in the builder provides a centralized location for setting up configurations that apply across your entire design. These settings range from mandatory options like content area width and alignment to optional ones like favicon and language settings.

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Beta. This beta is limited and not available for all customers at this time.

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General Options

  • Content area width: This specifies the maximum width for the content area when viewed on large devices. On smaller screens, this setting is ignored.
  • Content area alignment: This sets the default alignment for text in the content area. While the standard setting is centered, you can choose to align it to the left.
  • Background color: Defines the default background color for the entire design. Note that this can be overridden at the row, column, or content block level.
  • Content area background color: This sets the background color specifically for the content area.
  • Background image: Select an image to be the background for the email. Learn more
  • Default font: Select a default font family that will apply to all content elements across your design. You can override this at the content block level.
  • Link color: Sets the default color for hyperlinks in the design. This setting can also be overridden for individual elements.

Applying the Settings

To apply these settings, navigate to the Global styles tab in your builder. General options are populated by default based on the template or brand settings you are using. Adjust these as required for your design.

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