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Padding serves as an essential tool for refining the aesthetics and readability of your design. The Email Composer provides various padding options that can be customized for both rows and individual content blocks.

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

Default Padding Features

By default, you can set the padding around an element for all sides simultaneously.

To do so:

  1. Select the element.
  2. Use the padding options in the sidebar.

For a more nuanced approach, toggle on More options to apply padding to each side individually.

Padding in Rows

Column Level Padding:

  • Locate Columns Structure at the bottom of the sidebar after selecting a row.
  • Apply padding here to impact the entire column within the row.

Consistency vs. Uniqueness:

  • For multi-column rows, consistent padding across all columns is generally advised.
  • However, individual padding settings can be applied to each column for a more varied look.

Padding in Content Blocks

General Padding:

  • For most content blocks, padding options are under Block options in the sidebar.
  • These settings affect the entire content block.

Special Cases: Content Blocks with Unique Padding Options


  • Allows for content padding specific to the text inside the button.
  • Useful for customizing button dimensions or text positioning.


  • Offers padding options only for the icon images within the block.
  • Icons can combine both text and images in a single block

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