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Borders are not just decorative; they can also help delineate content and draw attention to specific elements in your design. In the builder, you can set borders both for rows and for individual elements like buttons. You have the choice to apply borders to all sides or specify different borders for each side.

Row-Level Border Customization

When your row comprises multiple columns, you'll need to set borders for each one individually.

  • Selecting a Row: Click outside the content area to select the entire row.
  • Column Selection: Your sidebar will display a menu showing the columns in the row. Choose the one you wish to modify.

Granular Control

  • Toggling More Options: Use the 'More options' toggle to specify which sides of the element will have borders.
  • Border Style: Choose from various styles including solid, dotted, or dashed lines.
  • Size and Color: Adjust the thickness and choose the color to make the border align with your design aesthetic.
Tip: Consistency is key; if you're setting up borders for multiple columns, ensure that the style complements the overall design.

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