Images (new Email Composer) Beta

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Creatively incorporate images into your email messages with the Image content block.

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

Adding an Image to Your Design

  1. Drag and Drop: Place an Image content block into your workspace from the Content tab.
  2. Upload Options: Drag and drop from your desktop, or click Browse to access the image library, upload, or add from a URL. Learn more

Image Settings and Features

When you click on an image, the Content Properties panel provides several configuration options:

  • Auto width: This is activated if your image size is larger than the content block. You can toggle it OFF if you wish to manually resize the image:

  • Align: Modify the image's horizontal positioning relative to text or other elements.
  • Alt Text: This text appears when the image is not displayed, crucial for compatibility in email designs.
  • Action: Add an action when the image is clicked, to open a web page, send an email, make a call, or send an SMS. 

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