Act-On Contacts Upgrade Assistant: Copy Segments

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If you are upgrading from Marketing Lists to Act-On Contacts, the Upgrade Assistant can make it easier!  The Copy Segments tool helps you copy your entire segment hierarchy from a Marketing List over to All Contacts.

Access the Upgrade Assistant

Access the Upgrade Assistant by clicking on the lightbulb icon on the top right of the All Contacts page:

Upgrade Helper Icon.jpg

From the Upgrade Assistant page, choose Start copying segments.

You can also access the Upgrade Assistant from the  menu in the upper right corner, even if you've dismissed it from the main screen.

Step 1: Select Parent

Your first step is to select what parent you want your copied segments to have. This defaults to All Contacts, but you may want to choose a different All Contacts segment, such as All Leads or Contacts affiliated with Customers, or any segment you've created:

Copy Segments - Select Parent.jpg

Step 2: Select Segments to Copy

Next, select the segments to copy. Here you see your Marketing Lists. Clicking on a list selects all the segments and subsegments beneath it. You can uncheck any segments that you don't want to replicate.  

Keep in mind a few tips:

  • Selecting the Marketing List does NOT copy the contacts from that list. If you need to import the contacts, use the import function instead. The copy segments process just copies the segment criteria.
  • Direct select segments can not be copied this way. Choose a query or search-based segment. To recreate a direct select segment, import it.
  • You can copy the same segments multiple times to different parents if desired. 
  • You can select and copy segments from different parents at the same time, as long as their destination in Act-On Contacts is the same parent.

Copy Segments - Select Segments.jpg

Step 3: Field Matching

Many segments have criteria that use a particular field, for instance, Job Title. These fields may have different names in your All Contacts list, or may not exist there yet. Act-On checks for matching names and if any clarification is needed, you'll have the chance here to map them or add a new field to Act-On Contacts. 

Copy Segments - Field Matching.jpg

Tip: If you do add a new field and you have a CRM syncing, be sure to go to Data Management to map the CRM fields to your new field. This ensures the field is populated with data.  

Step 4: Clean Up

Before you proceed, take a moment to clean up the Marketing Lists & segments. If you won't need these anymore, you can archive the list with all its segments, or you can delete the segments. Cleaning this up improves the performance of your system and helps avoid confusion in the future about what's already been moved over to All Contacts: 

Copy Segments - Clean Up.jpg

If you're not quite ready to part with these lists and segments in the Marketing List area, that's ok too.  Choose "I don't want to do anything to these segments". You can always archive them manually later.

Step 5: Review & Submit

Click the review button & you'll have one more chance to check the parent segment & the selected segments to copy. Once you submit, these segments are created in All Contacts.

Want to see a log of the results? Click on the "Upgrade Assistant" again - the Segment copy log is available from the top of the Copy Segments screen. From here, you can also undo the copy, which deletes the new segments from your All Contacts list.

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