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Create even more stunning emails by adding background images, either to the entire email design via Global styles, or to individual Rows in the email.

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Beta. This beta is limited and not available for all customers at this time.
  1. In the new Email Composer, edit the email or template you want to add background images to. For example, Content > Email Templates > (select) Edit > Design tab.
  2. To add a background image to the entire email design, click the Global styles tab.
    To add a background image to a Row, select the Row you want. Click on the left or right of the content area, so the Row tab is open in the sidebar.
  3. In the sidebar toggle (Row) Background image on.
  4. Click Choose image and select from the image library, or paste the image URL into the Url box if you wish to use an image hosted elsewhere.
  5. If adding to a Row, choose to Apply image to the Row for the image to appear across the whole Row, or just the Content area.
  6. Toggle Fit to background to make the image fill the email or row.
  7. Select Repeat to have the image repeat across & down the email or row. This works well with symmetrical patterns.
  8. Select Center to place the image centrally in the email or row.
If Repeat and Center are active, the image is centered and then repeated to the left and right. If you Repeat without centering, the image is positioned in the top-left corner and repeated to the right.
  1. The email composer ensures that background images are rendered on most email clients. For optimal results with any others, set a background color that works well in the absence of the background image.
    In the sidebar, choose a (Row) Background color or Content area background color.


A watermark background image added to the email design in the Global styles tab, with a transparent content area color:

Background Images (new Email Composer) 01.png

A symmetrical pattern honeycomb image added to a Row, repeating & centered, with suitable background colors set:

Background Images (new Email Composer) 02.png

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