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We’re introducing a new way to design beautiful and compelling emails in Act-On. Enjoy more styling and formatting options, improved mobile responsiveness, and a sleek new user interface. Plus, we’ve added some wish list items users have been asking for.

What’s Changing

We are releasing the new composer as part of an open beta which means that we will have both composers available for you to use, but we encourage you to use the new one when it's available and meets your needs. During the beta we'll be releasing features regularly, allowing the new composer to be used in more areas across Act-On. Once the new composer supports all existing areas and capabilities, we'll move out of beta and into general availability (GA).

We'll keep you up to date with each release as we move towards GA. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy using the new composer!

To Get You Started

New Features Since April 22, 2024

  • Coming late May: New composer emails in Webinars by with selecting new composer emails in Drafts, Templates and Sent messages within webinars
  • Coming late May: Adding new composer emails to Campaigns

Fixes Since April 22, 2024

  • Table block error: the validation for a blank table was being triggered when a user removed a header but that has been resolved

What's New: April 22, 2024

  • Use title, paragraph, image, and list blocks to create content
  • Mobile editing mode
  • Dark mode preview (desktop, mobile): Preview email in dark mode in desktop and mobile views.
  • Test email
    • Add any individual to test list
    • Add instructions to reviewers in banner
  • Add a video to your email
  • Auto-Save
    • Auto-Save starts with the first change to your email. Any change made within the composer will be autosaved immediately.
    • You can also save on demand.
    • Auto-Save feature shows you when the last save was completed.
  • Undo/Redo: The new composer provides a session-based change history. You can return to any point within your session. 
  • Emojis in subject line
  • Saved Rows
  • Set background image
  • Side-by-side content blocks can be stacked vertically in any order (left to right or right to left)
  • Align content blocks within a row
  • Duplicate a row
  • Hide row content  on desktop/mobile 
  • Email size guidance
    • Shows current email size vs size at which Gmail clips emails
    • (does not include hosted image size)
  • UTM parameters are configured for all domains which have been identified in Settings
  • Redesigned Litmus device/client preview
  • Subject and preview  line length guidance

Composer Comparison

The new composer has a lot of great features and we're confident that you'll find it easier to use. But it is very different from the current composer. Here are some of the key things to be aware of.

Act-On Areas that support the new composer

Area Supported

Outbound (New/Sent/Templates)

Automated program emails Yes - for blank messages, templates or sent messages
Form confirmation emails Yes - for blank messages, templates or sent messages
RSS to Email No
Webinars No
A/B Testing No
CRM users No
API-driven sends No
Campaigns No
Start from Act-On Contacts Listing Page No
Act-On Anywhere No
Marketing Network (Sharing) No
Behavior Segmentation (Selecting specific messages) No

Features that work differently

  • Inline HTML block
    • Before: Use the Rich Text Block to create and edit HTML for the body of the email
    • Now: Use a single HTML block
  • Tables for layout  - available for Open Beta
    • Before: Use the Rich Text Block to create a table for layout
    • Now: Use the editors rows and adjust the column structure as needed
  • Rich Text Editor
    • Before: all content could be managed in the single Rich Text Editor
    • Now: replaced by the Title, Paragraph, Button and List blocks.
  • Dynamic Content - available for Open Beta
    • Before: user could create Dynamic Blocks and a fallback option
    • Now: no fallback option 

Deprecated Features

  • Stationery is no longer supported
  • Greeting block is no longer supported
  • Social Share block (+ forward to friend)
  • Business Card block
  • Check Spelling

Current features not yet supported

  • Poll Block
  • Uploading HTML – use the legacy composer to upload complete HTML. Coming in a future release post GA
  • RSS Custom Block – use the legacy composer to upload complete HTML. Coming in a future release post GA
  • Headers, footers, logos and signatures --  Updates to the headers, footers, logos and signatures from the listing pages will not update in BETA draft or template messages. Coming in a future release.
  • Personalization use in the image block  -- Not supported and being evaluated for development.

Features no longer available:

  • Stationery
  • Rich Text Block

Questions, Issues, and Concerns

Most accounts will have full access to the new composer starting April 22. All feedback and issues can be shared through regular support channels.

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