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The Table content block lets you add a table to your email design with many layout & formatting options.

Tables (new Email Composer) 01.png

Please note that the new Email Composer is currently in Open Beta.

How to User the Table Content Block

  • Drag the Table content block from the Content tab into your layout. The default table is 3x4 with a header row. In the sidebar, set the following options:


  • Set the number of rows & columns, border lines, background color, and striped rows, for example:

Tables (new Email Composer) 02.png


  • If you want a Header row, toggle it on & set background color, text formatting, & alignment separately from the rest of the table.

Content Formatting

  • Type the text you want directly in the table cells. The text can contain links, be personalized, & edited for each cell like the text in a paragraph block.
  • Set the text formatting for all table cells, including font, size, color, alignment, line height, letter spacing, & text direction.

Block options are available to set padding for the table block, and choose to hide on mobile or desktop. 

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