Act-On Contacts Upgrade Assistant: Automated Programs

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When transitioning from Marketing Lists to Act-On Contacts, you'll want to upgrade your Automated Programs to use Act-On Contacts segments as the source, rather than a Marketing List. The Upgrade Assistant can make this easy. 

Tip: It's best to upgrade current programs rather than copying them or creating new programs, as this avoids issues with contacts repeating the program.

Access the Upgrade Assistant

Access the Upgrade Assistant from the lightbulb at the top of your All Contacts screen:

Upgrade Helper Icon.jpg

From the Upgrade Assistant page, choose Start upgrading programs.

You can also access the Upgrade Assistant from the top of the Automated Programs listing page.

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Before you begin, review the program you wish to upgrade. You'll need to make sure you've created segments in All Contacts that match the source lists/segments used. You can not combine Marketing List segments with All Contacts segments. To easily replicate the segments in All Contacts, try the Copy Segments tool. This has the added benefit of automatically recommending the new segments as replacement sources.

Use the Select program button to choose the Automatic Program you wish to upgrade. Programs are upgraded one at a time.

Upgrade Assist Choose Program.jpg

Step 2: Choose Your Sources

The program upgrade assistant appears as a sidebar overlay on the program settings page.

For each source, the current Marketing List or segment is shown. The system may show a recommended replacement segment from All Contacts, or use the Change segment button to select one. You can also remove the source if you don't need it. When you have finished, click Next to continue:


Upgrade Assist Choose Source.jpg


Next, if you have Early Exit Conditions defined, you are prompted to change the source for these segments. Continue to select replacements for each segment listed. When you have finished, click Next to continue:


Upgrade Assist Choose Early Exit.jpg

Step 3: Fix Step Issues

Next, the system analyzes each step to see if any changes are needed. For example, a "Copy to a list" step may be replaced with a "Copy to a Segment" step, so you'll need to select the proper Act-On Contacts segment. OR, a branching condition may reference "If prospect is in X list or segment". If you don't need this step, check the Remove this step box:

Upgrade Assist copy to segment.jpg

Use the arrows in the middle of the page to scroll through all the step issues. If you have any steps that change fields, you'll need to select the correct Act-On Contacts field to change, if the system can't automatically find a match:

Upgrade Assist Field Change Step.jpg

Step 4: Review

Once you've completed all the step updates, you have a chance for a final review of the changes:

Upgrade Assist Review All.jpg

Click Submit to proceed. If running, the Automated Program is paused while it is upgraded. Then, you are notified if any new contacts are eligible to enter the program based on your new source list. If so, you can choose to keep the program paused or start it running. If your program was previously paused, it will remain in a paused state.

Upgrade Log & Revert Option

Once the program is upgraded, you'll see the "Upgrade log" on the Upgrade Assistant page. Check the log for a history of program upgrades. From here you can restore any program to its original configuration:

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