BETA: Act-On Contacts-Based Automated Programs Start Immediately

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What's Changing

Previously, Automated Programs based on segments could not start immediately; they had to be scheduled, with the shortest increment being 1 hour. This has been changed for Act-On Contacts. Now, programs that have a profile-based segment as their source can be started immediately. 


As of May 29, 2024, this feature is now available in Beta to Act-On Contacts users. To request it, please contact technical support.

Customer Impact

Adding the ability to start programs immediately opens up more possibilities for Act-On Contacts-based programs. For instance, a double opt-in process after a Form submission may rely on checking to see if a contact already has "double opt-in" as true; if they don't, the program sends them an email immediately after their submission to obtain the double opt-in.

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