BETA: Zoom & WebEx Webinar Registrations in Act-On Contacts

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What's Changing

For Act-On Contacts users who have integrations with Zoom or WebEx, webinar registrations can now be managed within Act-On Contacts.

  • Registration forms can be set to submit new contacts to the All Contacts list.
  • Registration details can be managed within the All Contacts UI instead of in Other Lists > Webinar Lists.

Webinar registrations listing page (initial).jpg



This feature will be in beta starting June 10, 2024.

Customer Impact

This is available upon request to customers who have All Contacts activated and are using Zoom or Webex for webinars. GoToWebinar will be coming soon. To request an upgrade to All Contacts please visit this page. If you have All Contacts and would like to participate in the beta, please be on the lookout for an email invitation.

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