Adding Attachments to an Email

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While in the Email Composer, you can attach files to your messages by adding them as download buttons or links.

To add an image instead of a file, see this page.

Add as a Button

  1. In the email composer's Design tab, from the Content area on the right, drag the Media File Download block (paper clip) into your message:

    Adding Attachments to an Email 01.png

  2. Choose the details for your attachment:
    • Media File: Click Select to choose a file from your Act-On Media Library
    • Download Expiration Date: Enter a date for your download link to expire
    • Download Button Label: Enter text to display on your button
    • Label Graphic: Upload a new label graphic if desired (by default, the button will display a Download icon) 

  3. When you have finished click OK.
    For example, these settings:

    Adding Attachments to an Email 02.png

    ...produce a download button like this:

    Adding Attachments to an Email 03.png

Add as a Link

  1. Hover over a Rich Text Block within an email message, and click the Pencil icon to edit:

    Adding Attachments to an Email 04.png

  2. Place your cursor where you'd like your link to go, or highlight existing text or an image to add the link there.

  3. Click Link to Media (paper clip icon in the toolbar).

  4. From the Media Library, select what you want to attach.

  5. Click Save to close the Rich Text Block.

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