Adding a Form Link Block to an Email

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Links in Act-On forms can be inserted as calls to action within your email message. When you set up the form, you also have the ability to pre-fill the form fields if your email recipient clicks through the link in the email.

This feature only works with Classic Forms. To share New Forms in an email, you must embed them into a Landing Page, and then link to that page.
  1. Compose a new email message, or edit an existing draft.

  2. From the Design tab, hover your mouse cursor over the Form Link Block.

  3. Click and Drag the Form Link block into your message, and a new container will appear. Release your mouse to drop the block when it is in the appropriate place in your message.

    Adding a Form Link Block to an Email 01.png

    The Form Link window opens.

  4. Click Select to choose the Form to link to.
    • Optionally, add button Label Text. If you don't specify a label, the Form name will be used.
    • Optionally, select a button Label Graphic from your image library.
    • Optionally, enable Show Prefilled. Act-On will automatically populate fields from known visitors.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Save your email, or continue with the addressing, reviewing, and sending steps.


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