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Adding a Form Link Block to an Email




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    Arie den Draak

    Why is it mandatory in ActOn to make an extra step before displaying a form?

    • Step 1: relation receives an e-mail message and he wants to respond with a form. The form is not visible.
    • Step 2: customer has to click on a button to go to the landing page and provide the data.

    In an old version of ActOn, it was possible to build a 'classic form' into the mailing. That is much more direct. Why is this function removed with new forms?

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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Arie. I'm not familiar with that older functionality you mentioned, but I do know that this has not been an option for at least a few years now. There are two possible solutions I can recommend for you:

    • Try the Multiple Choice Block. This does not offer all the features of our forms, but does allow you to create a quick and simple form question in your messages.
    • Create an automatically posting form with a hidden field. When your contact clicks on a link in the email, this can pass a value to the form and then submit instantly. The contact simply sees a "Thank you" message and their response is recorded.

    Hopefully one of those might work for you.

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