Define a New List from Scratch

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There are many ways to create a new marketing list in Act-On, and the most common methods involve importing a list from a file or connected CRM. However, you can also create new, empty lists in Act-On, and define the columns that will be used from your account. 


  1. Navigate to Contacts Marketing Lists
  2. Click New List
  3. Enter a name for the new list
  4. Select a folder that will contain the new list 
  5. Under Set Up New List Contents, select Define the column names for a new empty list
  6. The Standard Fields from your account will appear – check the boxes for any fields you'd like to add
    1. First Name, Last Name, and Email Address come preselected by default
  7. Click Continue once you've selected all the desired column names
  8. Map the fields you've chosen to the corresponding system usage field names
  9. To add any other fields besides your Standard Field Names, click Add Blank Field
  10. Click Create 


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