Syncing Opt-outs with a SugarCRM Account

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Act-On Contacts can automatically sync Opt-Outs with the SugarCRM.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go to Settings > Data Management and select the Sync Schedule tab.

  2. At the bottom of this page, select the options for opt-outs:

    Pull Opt-Out from CRM

    Pulls in records from your SugarCRM with Email Opt Out and adds their email to the Act-On Opt-Out list.

    This sync does NOT process Opt-Ins. If a contact/lead is in the Act-On Opt-Out list and the Email Opt-Out field in SugarCRM is unchecked by a user, the record will not be removed from the Act-On Opt-Out list - this must be processed within Act-On manually. See instructions for re-subscribing a single contact.

    Push Opt-Out to CRM

    Pushes the entire Act-On Opt-out list to your SugarCRM account.

  3. If desired, set the Synchronization Schedule for a recurring sync.

  4. Click Save at the top of the page. The Opt-In/Out sync will run at the next scheduled time.

You can also click Sync Now to immediately initiate a CRM sync, which will push/pull your Opt-Outs as configured.

Note: If this feature is not available, please contact support and request the controlled feature SugarOptInOutSync is switched on.

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