Using Email Templates for Advanced Tracking and Reporting

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Email templates include useful features to help you track or report on groups of messages.

Using templates for your email messages is great for consistent branding and design, but there are also benefits for email rollup reporting. Act-On's tools allow you to group all emails created from a single template and track them for various purposes. If you want to view a consolidated report for a group of messages, make sure to create them from a single template.

You can use templates to group any emails, such as:

  • Automated program messages
  • Message categories (eg., newsletters, offers, follow-ups)
  • Messages from a specific sales user

So for example, if you create all your newsletters from a Standard Newsletter template, you can then use the tools below to view combined data for all newsletter emails.


Segmenting based on an email template will query all messages created from that specific template. Not only does this save you the effort of selecting individual messages, but new messages created from this template will be included in this query automatically.

To set up a query from a template:

  1. When you create a segment, choose a query based on Behavior > Clicked on message > At least one of these:

    Using Email Templates for Advanced Tracking and Reporting 01.png

  2. Select a message from the Templates folder (Content > Email Templates) instead of a previously sent message (Outbound > Sent Messages).

You can also segment on Form and Landing Page templates for a similar effect.

Data Studio

If you have Data Studio on your account, you can pull detailed reporting on all messages created from a specific template.

When in Step 4 of creating an Export, choose Message in the dropdown and drag the Template Name field into your chosen fields:

Using Email Templates for Advanced Tracking and Reporting 02.png

If you do not have Data Studio, you can use Act-On's Campaigns feature to add multiple emails and see a single report for the group. You cannot choose all messages from a single template in the same way, but the Message from Template option lets you select from any message that was sent from any template.

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