Add a Classic Form Link to an Email

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Links to Act-On forms can be inserted as calls-to-action within your email message. When you specify the form, you also have the ability to pre-fill the form fields if your email recipient clicks through the link in the email.

This feature only works with Classic Forms. To share New Forms in an email, embed it into a Landing Page, then add a link to that landing page.

To insert a classic form link in your message:

  1. Compose a new email message or edit an existing draft
  2. In the Design tab, drag in a new Rich Text Block from the options on the right or click the Pencil icon on an existing block
  3. Highlight the text or image you wish to use as a hyperlink
  4. Click Insert Link to Act-On Form (form icon under the Font Family menu)
  5. Hover over the relevant form and click Select
  6. Check the box for Pre-fill if desired
  7. Click Insert


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