Choosing Recipients for an Email

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Your email messages can be addressed to lists, specific people, or both. You can also suppress specific lists or segments.

In the Address tab of the Email Composer, you can select which contacts should receive the message.

Send to a List

  1. Next to Recipients, click Choose Lists or Segments
  2. Select the list(s) you wish to add, then click Submit

Send to a List and Add New Contacts

The Add People option will become clickable after you select a particular list. It lets you add contacts to that list and include them in the message send.

The Add People window has fields for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

All three are required - leaving any blank will not add the contacts to your list.

Send to Specific People

  1. Click Choose Specific People
  2. Choose the list that contains the desired recipient(s)
  3. Select the recipient(s) and click Submit when finished
You will only be able to select specific people from the lists that have less than 2000 records.

Suppress a List

  1. Next, to Suppress Against, click Choose Suppressions
  2. Select the list(s) you wish to suppress, then click Submit
Act-On automatically suppresses any duplicate email addresses to ensure each unique email address only receives one copy of the email message. By disabling the Suppress Duplicates feature, you are allowing Act-On to send multiple copies of the message to the same address.