Create a Landing Page From a Message

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Once you create or send a message in Act-On, you can create a Landing Page using the same email message. This is a popular option for archiving newsletters or making general email messages available to your website prospects.

  1. Click Outbound, and choose either Drafts or Sent Messages.

  2. Hover over the message you would like to convert into a Landing Page, click the down-arrow, and select Make Landing Page:

    Create a Landing Page From a Message 01.png

    If using a draft email, confirm when prompted and in the email composer that appears, at the top right, click the down arrow to the right of 'Save' and select Save a Copy to Landing Pages

  3. In the message window that appears, enter the Landing Page Title and Landing Page Folder.

  4. Click Save/Change.

  5. Go to ContentLanding Pages and find your new Landing Page.

  6. If any adjustments are required, hover over your new Landing Page and click  to edit.
    If no edits are needed, click the Landing Page title, and in the Details tab, under Settings, click Manage URLs to access the public URLs for the Landing Page:

Create a Landing Page From a Message 01.png

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