Can I bulk upload new contacts to a segment?

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New contacts cannot be uploaded directly into a segment. Instead, it would be best if you appended new contacts to the parent list for that segment – but be aware that the contacts must meet the query criteria to pass into the segment.

Check Your Segment

  1. Navigate to Contacts > Marketing Lists and locate the target segment
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the segment, then click Edit
  3. Check the query logic used for segmentation: do your new contacts meet the criteria?
    • If yes, your contacts will be added automatically – skip to Adding to the Parent List
    • If no, you will need to amend your query to catch the new contacts – continue to the next step
  4. Add a column to the list of new contacts you want to append
    • If it's an Excel list, add a column such as "Appended June 2019" and enter True for all rows
    • If it's a CRM list, you may want to add a field in the CRM for "Added to XYZ segment" and mark this as True
    • If there is some other common field that these contacts share (e.g., the same geographic region), you can use this instead
  5. Add a rule to the query to check for this shared field (e.g., "Appended June 2019" equals "True")

Now, your segment is set up to pull in these new contacts automatically.

Add to the Parent List

  1. On the parent list where this segment resides, click the dropdown arrow and choose Import/Export
  2. Select Append to this List, and follow the prompts to upload the new contacts
  3. Once appended, contacts will fall into the appropriate query segment (you can check your segment to confirm)

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