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Inserting an Opt-Out Link




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    Christi Moses

    I want to add a link that adds a customer to a specific opt-out list for a specific program.  I don't want them to have to go to the subscription management.  I want it to be very simplistic in that they click and then they are opted out of that survey.

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    Chris Apgar

    Hi Christi - thanks for the suggestion. The way Act-On handles opt-outs for legal/compliance purposes, it's not technically possible for the opt-out link to function in that way. However, you do have options! Here's one:

    1. Create a Landing Page that says "you'll be removed from future surveys"
    2. Offer a link to this page in your message ("remove me" or something similar)
    3. Create a segment for users who visited that Landing Page
    4. Suppress that segment from future survey message sends

    I would recommend staying away from the "opt out" language, as again that can come with legal implications - and you'll still need to provide a standard opt out link below the one I've suggested. But that's one way to quickly achieve what you're going for. Hope that all makes sense!

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