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Progressive Profiling in New Forms




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    Scott Freeman

    Question... is there a way to display the users' previously entered information?  For example, let's say we have these form fields, in this order, all within a single progressive profiling section, showing two fields at a time:

    • First Name
    • Email
    • Last Name
    • Company Name
    • Phone

    Then as users visit the page and view the form:

    1. On the first visit, they're asked to provide their first name and email.
    2. On the second visit is it possible to have it say something like "Welcome back {FirstName}!" or maybe the label for Last Name could say "Hey {FirstName}, mind telling us your last name?" to make it feel more personable.
    3. On the third visit something like... "Hey {FirstName} {LastName}! Hope things are well at {CompanyName}Mind if we give you a call?" and then ask for the final form field (Phone).


    Is something like this possible with progressive profiling or otherwise through Act-On?

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    Chean Lawrence

    Is there a plan to enable Labs forms progressive profiling to have a grace period?

    It would be great to be able to set an account-wide default grace period and then the ability to override per form or per profiling section as needed.

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