Sending or Suppressing a List or Segment in an Email Message

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Whenever you create or edit a message, you can choose one or more lists and segments, even individual contacts from within a list or segment, to send the message to.

On the Address page of the message editor, selecting the One Or More Entire Lists/Groups option displays a hierarchical listing of lists, segments, and sub-segments.

Send To & Suppress Against One or More Lists/Segments

  1. Click Choose Lists or Segments
  2. Choose your lists/segments 
  3. Click Submit
    • You can send and suppress multiple lists in the same campaign. This protects you from sending a message to a contact on a suppressed list who is also included on a recipient list.
    • List choices include: Account lists, Marketing lists, Signup lists, Webinars lists, and all segments of those lists
    • Act-On automatically suppresses all contacts in your Opt-Out, Hard Bounces, Spam Complaints, and Email Suppression Domains lists, as well as duplicates. If duplicate suppression is not desired, uncheck the Suppress Duplicates at the top of the screen.

Assume you store contacts in separate lists, by state, with segments for major cities, and you want to send a message to all your contacts in Texas except the ones in Dallas and all the contacts in Oklahoma except the ones in Tulsa. 

  • Using Choose Lists or Segments, select the lists for Texas and Oklahoma contacts.
  • Next to Suppress Against, click Choose and select the lists for the Dallas and Tulsa segments to suppress.

Continue to the Design tab to continue creating/editing your message.



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