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The Download Creatives feature in Act-On allows you to copy the HTML and text-only versions of an email message. If you need to export the design generated in Act-On outside the application, this is the method to use.

You can access the feature from the email composer:

  • For a new message: Click Outbound New Message
  • For a draft message: Click Outbound Draft MessagesLocate your desired message and choose Resume Edit.
  • For a sent message: Click Outbound Sent Messages and click New on your desired message.

Once selected, the email composer window will open, and you will see Download Creatives available on the Design tab.


By clicking New, you are working with an unsaved draft, but the draft content is identical to the sent message it is based on.

The Download Creatives feature is not available for email template messages. When using a template, you do not send the template itself. Instead, your message is modified from the base template and is stored elsewhere (in Sent or Drafts).

  • The Download Creatives feature is designed to export Act-On messages for external services.
    If you wish to duplicate an Act-On message within Act-On, such as moving a draft message to Email Templates, use the controls within Act-On itself. For example, if you go to Content > Email Templates > Create Template (top right), you can import a draft message from there.
  • Be careful deleting sent or draft messages when using the Download Creatives feature.
    If a draft or sent message contains images uploaded via Upload A Pre-Designed Message (i.e., the images are not hosted on a third-party service or in the Act-On Image library), the image reference URLs will be removed if the draft or sent message is deleted
  • Recipient-specific click and open tracking will not work.
    Act-On tracks opens by tracking the images being downloaded by specific individual URL. The Download Creatives URLs do not have the ability to track these individually.
Opt-out links do not work with the Download Creatives feature.
Act-On tracks opt-outs by specific individual URL. The Download Creatives URLs do not have the ability to track these individually.

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