8 Ways to Customize HTML and CSS in Email Designs

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There are a few ways to customize your emails further with HTML and CSS. Below are a few tips that are present in the Act-On platform all ready for your use.

  • Create your own custom stationery
  • Add a custom font
  • Customize Rich Text blocks by editing and updating the source code. To do this, click on the <> symbol in the toolbar of the Rich Text Editor.
  • Custom Content Blocks are similar to the source code option above and can be used if you already have HTML and CSS to put in place in a selected area in the email. It is possible to switch to the Rich Text editor from this block. 
  • We recommend using CSS inline styling for a consistent look across multiple email clients.
  • Images should be resized to width dimensions around ~600px, maximum 800px. If they are over 800px, this can cause email sending issues or look like spam. 
  • Don't know where to start? Check out the content catalog to download some templates to get started
  • Once your design is how you like it, review how the design looks across different devices and browsers with Litmus

If the design has already been designed and coded in another program, this code can be uploaded as the "upload email code" option when creating a new message. Once uploaded, there are no content blocks to add and any changes are within the HTML and CSS itself. 

If there are further customizations you’d like to do and do not have a designer or developer on hand, we have a Professional Services team for further design assistance. 

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