Using Multiple Choice Surveys in Emails

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The Multiple Choice block provides an opportunity to ask email recipients a basic poll question with a select group of response options in a 'form style' format. Up to ten response options can be included, divided into two columns.

Add the Multiple Choice Block

  1. From the Design tab of the Email Composer, locate the Multiple Choice Block:
  2. Drag the block into your message. The Multiple Choice window appears.
  3. Enter a Prompt or question.
  4. Enter the Choices (these will become clickable links in your message)
    • To remove choices, hover over and click Delete
  5. Choose from More Settings:
    • Allow recipients to make more than one choice (checkboxes)
    • Allow recipients to add a comment (and add a prompt for comments)
    • Allow recipients to see other recipients’ responses
  6. Click OK when you are finished.
Best practice tip!
If you need more than one Multiple Choice question in an email, use a separate Form for each question in the email to keep your results separate.
Caution: Do not use more than one Multiple Choice block in an email, as the results for each will be combined.


Review Survey Answers

To view the responses to your Multiple Choice block survey:

  1. Locate the email in Outbound > Sent Messages 
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the message
  3. Click Report and scroll down to the Survey Responses section


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