How to Upgrade your Salesforce Package

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Current package version: ActOnInfo 1.88

Released February 19, 2021

Essentials to Get Started

  • Salesforce System Administrator username, password, and security token
  • Current ActOnInfo package version (instructions here)
  • Pop-up blocker disabled


Steps required to upgrade vary depending on the current version of the Salesforce package that you have installed.


Upgrade from ActOnInfo 1.85 or higher

  1. In Act-On, go to Settings > Connectors > CRM > Salesforce and click on the Install Package button.
  2. Click OK to acknowledge that you have set up your Remote Site Settings (this is usually performed with your first installation).
    • Alternatively, Salesforce Administrators can Click Here to install ActOnInfo v 1.88.
  3. A new window will pop up. Log in to Salesforce as a System Administrator.
  4. Select Install for All Users
  5. Check the box to acknowledge this is a non-native Salesforce App and approve installation.
  6. Click Upgrade.

Note: This may take a while. You will receive an email when the installation is complete.

No further configuration changes are necessary.


Screen Image of Upgrading ActOnInfo in Salesforce 

Upgrade from ActOnInfo 1.84 or below

Your Salesforce Administrator must make some configuration changes to your Salesforce account settings to access all of Act-On's features.

To proceed, follow our instructions here: How to Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning Support

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