Creating an A/B Test Segment

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In Act-On, you can generate A/B split segments from your list(s) to test how various versions of your emails are received by your target audience.

As you create A/B splits, you can send a version of your email to 'Split A', a second version to 'Split B', and send the most successful version to 'Split C'. Once the emails have been sent, you can review the sent message reports to identify which version was most successful.

  1. Click Contacts, and click Marketing Lists, or click Other Lists for Form Submissions, or Webinar Lists.
  2. Hover over the list you want to A/B test, and click the drop-down arrow
  3. Click Generate A/B Splits

  4. Enter a Name for the splits, and select the Number of Split segments that you want to create
    (Generally, you'll need to create multiple smaller split segments and one larger split segment)

  5. Enter a value for the number of records in each Split Segment 
  6. Click Choose if you want to exclude records found in other lists or segments
  7. Click Next


Send your emails to the smaller segments and wait as long as you need to generate the results you’d like. The emails could vary by subject line, color scheme, branding, header images, logos, etc.

When finished testing, send the most successful version to the largest split segment.

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