How to view Zoom Webinar Campaigns

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Once you are connected to Zoom, you can access your webinars in Act-On and begin using the integration to create a marketing campaign for the event.


Essentials to Get Started


Viewing your Zoom Webinar Campaigns

There are a few ways to navigate to the Zoom Webinar listing:

  • From the Home > Start page, find the Quick Start menu and click Events & Webinars.
  • In the left side menu, click on Automation and select Webinars

From this page, you can see both your Upcoming webinars and Past. All times are displayed in your browser’s time zone.

If you have a new webinar that is not showing, you can click Refresh at the top of the listing to refresh the list of available webinars.


Create a Webinar Campaign

To create your webinar campaign, first create the webinar event in Zoom. Then, it will appear in your webinar listing in Act-On.

Click on the webinar's title and your Zoom event details will import. You may now create an Act-On marketing campaign for your event.


Delete a Webinar Campaign

To delete a webinar campaign, hover your cursor over the webinar title and click the Delete option.


This will only delete the Act-On webinar campaign. You will still need to go to Zoom and delete the webinar from there. Clicking Delete does not delete any data from Zoom.

Additional items you may or may not wish to delete from Act-On include:

  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Message Drafts
  • Signup Lists


FAQs and Troubleshooting

How can I tell if I have my webinar already has a campaign in Act-On?

When you hover your cursor over the webinar title, you can see a Delete option. This only appears for webinars that have been integrated in Act-On. 


Why is my Webinar missing?

If you can see a listing of your webinars but only one or a few are missing, first try clicking Refresh in the webinar listing. Note there are two tabs, one for Upcoming webinars and one for Past webinars.

Next, make sure the webinar is a single-session webinar. Recurring or multi-session webinars are not currently supported.

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