SugarCRM Dashlets No Longer Load

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The dashlets that show Act-On activity in Sugar are blank. What happened?

The dashlets (Act-On Activity History, Act-On Marketing Timeline, or Hot Prospects) may appear completely blank or show no activity. 


You may also see the following error message:

Unable to authenticate. Please check your Act-On Connector setup.


Your Act-On account may have been moved to a new server.

When you set up the Act-On package for SugarCRM, your Sugar admin had to enter a specific URL for the server that hosts your Act-On account. They'll have to update this URL to the location of the new server.

Steps to Resolve

  1. Log into your Act-On account
  2. Copy the beginning of the URL in the address bar of your browser
    This should be a format like:
  3. Work with your SugarCRM administrator to make the following change in the CRM:
    1. Go to Admin > System > Connectors in Sugar
    2. Choose Set Connector Properties
    3. If you are not already on the tab called Act-On Integrator, click on that tab
    4. In the URL (Global) text box, enter the URL associated with your Act-On Account
      (This is the URL you copied in step 2 above)
    5. Click Test Connector and ensure that you see a "Test Successful" message

You should immediately see these dashlets loading again as expected.

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