Send Your First SMS Opt-In Message

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If you already have SMS Opt-Ins but have not sent any SMS messages, you will first need to send an SMS opt-in confirmation message. This will send a one-time message to every contact who is already in your SMS Opt-Ins.

It is only required if this is the first SMS message you have to send and you have contacts in SMS Opt-Ins that you can send messages to.

Essentials to get started


  1. Go to SMS > Messages. When this is your first time here, you will be prompted to send your first opt-in message:


  2. Click Set Up Now to continue.
  3. In the SMS Message Composer, create a message to send that will confirm opt-in for your contacts:
    • Click on simple or legalese to start with a template version
    • Click on the calendar icon to add the Opt-In date: {{={{_TIME(20)}}}}
    • The unsubscribe language "Txt STOP to OptOut" is required and cannot be removed from the Message Text.
  4. In Message Preview, see how your message looks by choosing a recipient from the drop-down list.
  5. When you are ready, click Send Message to send now, or Schedule Send to choose a date and time.

After a few minutes, the message will send and you will see the SMS Message report by going to SMS > Messages.

Next Steps

Now that your first Opt-In message has been sent, your account is ready to set up your automated welcome message and send SMS!

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