Set a Background Image for Text in an Email

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Setting a background image for text is not a standard feature of Act-On, however, you can easily add in your own background images using a little custom in-line CSS. 

Essentials to Get Started

  • The URL to your image (it must be hosted online) - to make it easy, you can simply upload it to your Act-On Image Library and use the Public URL for that image
  • A Draft/Template in Act-On that needs a background image


  1. In the Act-On Email Composer, navigate to Design > Download Creatives
  2. Open the HTML file and in the opening brackets of your <p> element, insert the following in-line CSS:
    style='padding-top: 20px; height: 400px; background color: #003b5c; text-align: center; vertical-align: middle; background-image: url('URL to your image');'
  3. Copy and paste the URL to your image into the in-line CSSexample.png
  4. Set a fallback 'background-color' in the styling because not all email clients will support your background image 
  5. Save your HTML file


  • Adjust the positioning and size of your image to fit within the constraints of your message
  • Act-On support cannot troubleshoot custom code

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