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The All Contacts page lists all your segments and subsegments. If you have a long list or a lot of segments, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for! Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to find and organize your segments in Act-On Contacts.


The search bar in the upper right will search by segment name. If you’ve got a folder open, the search will default within that folder, but you can expand the search by unchecking the folder in the search window.


Check the filters on the left side of the screen. These handy shortcuts will let you search for Favorites, Recently Created segments (shows segments from the last 30 days, limited to 1 page), Created by Me.


Tip! The All Segments filter is handy for returning to a view that includes everything.


You can drag & drop segment rows in All Segments to organize segments in any order you'd like. You can also reorder subsegments under a parent segment. To do this:

  1. Go to All Contacts > Segments and select the All Segments filter
  2. Hover over the segment you'd like to reorder
  3. Click and hold  
  4. Drag & drop your segment in another location
    • A teal guiding line will appear to indicate where you can move your segment
    • Subsegments cannot be moved outside of their parent segment

You can only reorder your segments in the All Segments filter.


Use folders to organize and find your segments. You might want to organize by year, by the campaign, by industry, by geography, or by whatever criteria make sense to your organization and marketing program.

To learn how to make a folder for your segments, see Organize Act-On Contacts Segments in Folders.

Save your Favorites!

The favorites filter is a great way to designate certain segments as your most commonly used.

To add a segment to your favorites, hover over it in the list view and click the  icon.

To remove it from favorites, just click  again to turn it off.

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