Add Records to Salesforce Campaigns from an Automated Program

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Use the Add to Campaign step in your Automated Programs to send records from Act-On to your Salesforce Campaigns. 


  1. Go to Automation > Automated Programs
  2. Hover over the Automated Program you'd like to update and click Edit
  3. In the Automated Journey Builder, go to the Program Flow tab
  4. Select where you'd like to insert an Add to Campaign step in your Automated Program, then click the plus icon to Add New Step
  5. In the pop-up menu, click Add to Campaign
  6. Provide a Step Name or keep the default name (Add to Salesforce Campaign)
  7. Under Select a Campaign to add members to:
    • Select one of your existing Salesforce campaigns to send Act-On records to
    • Create New Salesforce Campaign with records from this step – provide a Campaign Name and set up any Campaign Member statuses you'll need
  8. Under Set Campaign Member status to, select the status for contacts added to your Salesforce Campaign
  9. Click Submit to save your new step

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