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Inbound Competitors Feature End of Life

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    Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    Hello Janet Mcpeake and Cami Page Which features would either of you consider using? We have the following recommendations depending on the use case
    1. Companies such as SimilarWeb and SemRush can provide much richer data as they specialize in measuring online marketing presence
    2. Our Advanced Social Media add-on is best suited for Social Media publishing and monitoring across all social channels

  • Janet Mcpeake

    I wasn't aware of this feature. It looks like it could be very valuable. Are you considering a new version of it in the future and promotion of the feature's availability and usage benefits?

  • Cami Page

    I didn't know that this was even available ... perhaps it was under-communicated? It actually seems like a feature I would be interested in. 

  • Amy Campbell

    It's one of the features my clients really like to see and they do look at trending topics from competitors across Twitter and blogs etc. I found it lacking due to not covering LinkedIn at all...However, this is a helpful feature without it...I don't know why more people don't use it. Have you considered promoting it more and keeping it as a feature?


  • Erinda Ylli Act-On Team

    hi Amy Campbell

    Unfortunately the data providers used in the feature are no longer making the data accessible. I would be interested in understanding in more detail what data is useful as it is in current state. Let me know if you'd be open to chat.

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