DKIM Check and Notify Enhancement Completed

Beki Fuller

When: April 17, 2023

What's Changing: Act-On will now alert you when your DKIM, SPF, and Envelope From settings appear to be invalid, which could impact your email deliverability.

These warnings will appear on impacted From Addresses (under Settings > Other Settings) and under the Review tab in the email composer.

Impact to Customers: Being warned of an improper email technical setup will help to correct the error before an email is sent, potentially decreasing the chance of an email being flagged as spam or not getting delivered, therefore lessening your risk of poor deliverability.

Background: A critical, foundational piece of sending email is to have a verified DKIM and SPF set up on the sender’s account. DKIM is the digital signature authentication that verifies the sender is genuine; SPF, or Sender Policy Framework, validates that the IP addresses are allowed to send email for your domain. Act-On assists new customers with their email technical setup to get customers up and running. In the event a customer changes their setup, if any of these settings become invalid, it can cause issues with mail being delivered.


The new warnings will display in Act-On as follows:

Select the Learn More link in the warning message to view the appropriate article that will guide you on how to properly set up your email sending configuration.

Note: Only relevant alerts will display. These alerts will not prevent an email from sending, but simply inform you of at-risk deliverability.



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    Tatiana Lea

    Can not wait to see it in the platform!


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