Adding More Time to a Wait Step in a Running Automated Program

Nicolas Redmond

Hi there!

I need to make an edit on the amount of time on a wait step in an automated program. Currently, there are 50 contacts in a wait step. The wait step is set to 37 weeks of waiting time. However, I need to set this to 46 weeks. Some of these contacts have been in this step for 30 weeks, so they have 7 weeks left.

My question is this: If I change the wait step to 46 weeks, will this add 9 more weeks to those that are waiting in this step, or will it reset all the contacts and have them wait 46 more weeks?




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    Daniel Mallett
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    Thanks for reaching out!

    It will add the additional 9 weeks on in this scenario. The wait step will still look to when they entered the step and then check if they have reached the set time in the wait step.

    Kind Regards

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