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James Matney

I am looking for a way to put one of our brand colors as a default for the background color of our CTA buttons. Is there an -ao- style that I can update or add in the stationary file to make the change? Right now, every time we add a button, we have to change the color to our brand color.




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    Joe Barnes Act-On Team
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    Hello James,

    My name is Joe from Act-On's technical solutions team. I would be happy to step in here. 

    So, you are able to utilize stationery to apply all manner of customized content to a message as a general  setup. You can carry this custom stationery over to any of your messages so you already have a solid foundation before you start editing. 

    Now sadly, here in support we are unable to provide HTML or CSS solutions to specific situations like this. However, if you did have someone internally who has a bit of knowledge in web design, they should be able to help upload a custom HTML file to our stationery platform. 

    All of the information can be found in our knowledge based article here:

    Act-On Stationery

    I hope this is helpful. 

    have a great day!

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    James Matney

    Thank you Joe. Thanks for pointing to the stationary page. I think that is the page I was looking at when I spawned the idea of doing some general tweeks to our templates.

    I am fairly familiar with HTML and CSS, and notice that ere are a lot of "-ao-..." custom styles, like "-ao-link-color", and others that I could use to lock in some branding standards that could cascade across every template that uses that particular stationary. I was hoping someone in the community might know of a general or Act-on Specific style that I could add or update that would allow me to update the CTA button background color across the board.

    I understand if you can make style sheet recommendations solutions. But, I am hoping someone in the community may have found this specific style attribute and is willing to share.

    Thanks again.


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