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Password protected or Encrypted Reports sent to sales users

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    Kristy Abero Act-On Team

    Hi Katie, 

    There are multiple ways for you to export reports from Data Studio outside of directly emailing the file to someone. You can do this within the Destinations tab in Data Studio. There are several options to connect as a destination including Google Drive, Azure, SFTP, and others. This would allow you to export to a secure location that you would need to log in to that location to get the exported data. Once you've set up an additional destination it will appear as an export option when scheduling the export. 

    In addition, you can still have the email notification go out without the actual file attached as well as the alternative destination. This would let the contact know that a report is ready, and they would need to know to go to the alternative destination and log in in order to access the data. To make sure the file isn't attached, you would uncheck the box that includes the export for an email notification. 

    Let me know if I can clarify any of the above or you have any additional questions. 


  • Katie Grindeland

    Kristy -

    Your response makes sense. My concern is that our sales team won't go to an alternate location to log in somewhere else to find a report. They need it in their inbox or the report becomes obsolete (out of sight, out of mind). We will test the above workaround and see how we can make that work. Thank you. 

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