ABM Best Practices

Karli Brophy

Good morning sunshines! Does anyone in this community have ABM best practices? We've never done this type of marketing and are looking to get our feet wet. Any insight you can provide would be sincerely appreciated! 



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    Kristy Abero
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    Hi Karli, 

    I hope you're doing well! This article is a great introduction to the features included with Account Based Marketing. As for best practices, I think a great place to start is getting oriented with how Account Reports allow you to view data associated with a single account, including the multiple contacts that are associated with the account. Once you see what kind of data is associated with an Account you can then move towards deciding how you want to target on an Account level. 

    When you have Account Based Marketing enabled, you have access to CRM segmentation data points that are associated with CRM Accounts like Opportunity data. A lot of the time, the first thing I see people new to ABM doing is configuring their account and then creating CRM Opportunity data segmentation on their Marketing Lists. That is a great place to start!


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