"error_description": "Users in the tenant domain : carbon.super do not have access to application WSO2_Administrators-AT-act-on.

Dave Sinclair

When I attempt to generate a post request to receive an API token I receive the following error

"error_description": "Users in the tenant domain : carbon.super do not have access to application WSO2_Administrators-AT-act-on.



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    Dante Coyne
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    Hi Dave, 

    Thanks again for getting in touch. We spoke via email today and were able to resolve this issue together.

    During our chat we discovered this problem was caused by the POST request being made via the method 'Params' rather than 'Body' we were able to identify this as the issue by sharing screenshots of attempting this request. Once the method was updated you were able to successfully login by API. 

    If you encounter any further issues please do not hesitate to reach out again Dave. We hope you have a great rest of your day!

    Kindest Regards, 
    Dante Coyne
    Act-On Support

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