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How to sync hard bounces with SugarCRM? In Development

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    Dante Coyne Act-On Team

    Hi François, 

    Thanks for reaching out with a great question! 

    Sadly as mentioned we do not have a native connection with Sugar when it comes to 'Hard Bounces'  so regrettably we don't have an official recommended method to work around this at present, Hard bounces themselves is a tricky item due to the very nature of them being a technical failure so it’s harder to edit since it’s coming from the receiving email server (i.e. inbox deleted, mistyped name, etc) 

    That being said, from reviewing the abilities of segmentation you can create a segment off your master list which essentially is a copy of the hard bounce list that you could use to possibly sync to your CRM? It would need a little testing to see if SugarCRM is 'happy' with the method but this could be a potential option to at least have a copy of the Hard Bounces in Sugar, albeit it may just be readable than editable/updateable.  

    From reviewing your account I didn't see any recent Hard Bounces which is a plus overall!

    I hope this helps and sorry we could not be more helpful on this. 

    Kindest Regards, 
    Dante Coyne
    Act-On Support

  • François Lhuissier

    Dear Dante, thank you for your confirmation and suggestion. It's exactly the process I've been using for opt-outs. I'm looking forward to seeing the Sugar connector handle this natively.

    Best regards,


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