Update to accounts to use HTTPS only

Chris Apgar

Over the next several weeks, we'll be updating our environment so that all assets in your accounts will be served over HTTPS only.

What is HTTPS and what is this change?
In short, it's the secure form of internet traffic. Current web browsers already show errors for HTTP sites and content, or even block them entirely, so the change we are making will redirect any HTTP assets to HTTPS going forward.

What is the impact for my account?
The only possible scenario that could affect your Act-On content is if you have embedded assets (forms, landing pages, images, etc.) in your marketing website with a prefix of http:// instead of https:// . Our platform will always show you the HTTPS version of public URLs, so there is very little chance that you have any HTTP-only links in use on your website.

If you do have HTTP content embedded in your website, this may no longer load after we make the upcoming changes. These assets are likely already flagged or blocked by web browsers, so this likely will not result in any change for your website visitors.

What can I do to prepare?
You can ask your web developer or website designer to double check your marketing website for any HTTP links to forms or other Act-On content. Over the next few weeks, if you see any drop in content views, feel free to contact our support team and we will look into it for you.




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